Biologize Episode 5 Natural Partnering and collaboration

Collaboration and partnering are key to delivering sustainable transformation strategies in todays complex world. Wicked problems in both the public and private sectors can no longer be solved using traditional strategy and problem solving approaches. Business Biomimetics brings a new way to think about these problems and the opportunities they present using research based on nature. In this podcast I examine the use of symbiosis as a model for partnerships and explore the factors of life that help provide a way to navigate the complexity. Models explored include Symbiotic Matrix, MRS GREN and SSSTIE to help you start on the journey of thinking differently based on 3.8 billion years of R&D. It's an opportunity to think about strategy, innovation, change management and transformation in a different way. This podcast is presented by Dr Phil Richardson and the content is based on his original research and the real world application in projects and programmes in the public and private sector.

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