Biologize Episode 7 Poison Adaptor Competitive Advantage

Achieving sustainable competitive advantage is a challenge for all organisations. Trying to achieve it in an environment that is toxic is harder still. What if there was a way to use existing resources to not only dominate an industry niche but to also create a toxic environment for your competition? What if you could turn on its head the resource-draining risk mitigation plan and use it to create a competitive advantage.

In this episode, I explore the Poison Adaptor model based on the counterintuitive processes some beetles follow to achieve competitive advantage and survival. In this episode, I share an example from financial services that demonstrates how the Poison Adaptor mode has been applied to achieve success.

The Poison Adaptor model for Competitive AdvantageĀ is one of the Business Biomimetics approach. For further information check out


Biologize Episode 6 Past Casting Leadership & Behaviours

Biologize Episode 6 focuses on developing new behaviours needed by leaders grappling with the complex challenges of a dynamically changing business environment. As part of a strategic and design thinking process the application of Business Biomimetics to tacking complex problems opens up new ways of working and opportunities for sustainable growth and transformation. Past Casting is a model that helps leaders who have been successful to date plan their next phase of business and personal growth. It turns out that what has made you successful to date might be now holding you back.

Biologize Episode 5 Natural Partnering and collaboration

Collaboration and partnering are key to delivering sustainable transformation strategies in todays complex world. Wicked problems in both the public and private sectors can no longer be solved using traditional strategy and problem solving approaches. Business Biomimetics brings a new way to think about these problems and the opportunities they present using research based on nature. In this podcast I examine the use of symbiosis as a model for partnerships and explore the factors of life that help provide a way to navigate the complexity. Models explored include Symbiotic Matrix, MRS GREN and SSSTIE to help you start on the journey of thinking differently based on 3.8 billion years of R&D. It's an opportunity to think about strategy, innovation, change management and transformation in a different way. This podcast is presented by Dr Phil Richardson and the content is based on his original research and the real world application in projects and programmes in the public and private sector.

Biologize Episode 4 Strategy Development

In this episode we explore the lessons from evolution and how we can apply those to strategy development. By taking the opposing views of Darwin and Lamark we can identify different approaches based on natural selection. We will look at how the common understanding of evolution used in management theory misses the point. Being random is the answer - let the environment decide. This podcast opens up a new way of strategic thinking and design thinking for those struggling to make traditional approaches to strategy work.

Biologize Episode 3 Stakeholder Engagement

Symbiosis in nature provides a useful way to think about stakeholder engagement. In this podcast we explore the relationship between organisms and reflect on this as we think about stakeholders. Examples are drawn from Mistletoe and flatworms to stimulate thinking about stakeholder strategy, contracts, projects and programmes.

Biologize Episode 2 Innovation Culture

Using lessons from the pineapple to create an innovation culture that can compete in a challenging environment. The Pineapple Innovation Model is based on the differences in photosynthesis between the pineapple and more common plans. By adapting to the different environmental conditions the pineapple is able to survive in arid conditions by doing photosynthesis in the dark.

Biologize Episode 1 Introduction

Dr Phil Richardson introduces the Biologize podcast series. Here he sets the scene for the research based approach to strategic thinking and design thinking. A new way to use business models that are based on 3.8 billion years of evolution to help make sense of today's complex business world.

Biologize uses the Business Biomimetics method which helps translate biological systems into business models that can be used practically to help solve complex problems.

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